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Dear Parents & Students, 


It is that time of year when concert preparation begins, this means finalizing participation numbers. I ask you please complete the online form and pay your participation fee to confirm participation in this year’s concert. The concert is the absolute “Highlight of the Year” for our students and those children who have participated before can’t wait for it all to happen again. Unfortunately due to COVID we are facing various road blocks and restrictions however we are doing our absolute best to ensure this years concert is memorable and enjoyable as always. 


To ensure all students can participate new costumes will be kept to a minimum, possibly none. We will be reusing last years costumes and hiring others. Students will be required to pay a $50ex GST participation fee to cover the additional costs the theatre requires due to COVID.  COVID restrictions means we can only sell to 20% capacity, and the additional cleaning requirements have doubled our hire price.  With no reduction in hire fees passed on by the theatre and the addition of cleaning fees coupled with a limited capacity to sell tickets- I am hoping you can see the necessity to charge a participation fee this year.


I am sure you are aware we run a very professional concert; most who have not been involved expect a school display but are amazed when they see our concerts are not like that at all. The concert is training for a career in the professional world of entertainment and it starts here. Our concert is one you can be very proud to bring all your family and friends along to enjoy and I ask Parents to start giving this date to everyone so we fill the audience this year. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could bring along 2 people more than they did last year to our concert, this is imperative to ensure we can continue to provide a professional venue and all the bells and whistles that go with it. Tickets are sold at $40 adult and usually about $25 for students and pensioners but these prices are not set yet this is only an indication.


Everyone must return the form even if your child is not going to participate. All students are required to pay a participation fee - $50(ex GST). The due date for this form is Monday 7th September 2020. An invoice will generated follow this with your fee payable immediatley- once this fee is paid it is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Our Aerial Concert will be an in house style show held on Sunday 22nd November, tickets $20 each.  Students will be required to pay a $10ex GST participation fee to cover the additional costs required due to COVID.


Concert Information

Concert date: Sunday the 13th of December

Venue: Mathew Flinders Performance Centre or TBC


Important & Compulsory Rehearsals

Extra Concert Rehearsals: October 18th and 25th, November 1st, 8th and 15th, December 6th

Photo day: 29th of November Parents will NOT be required

Final rehearsal week: Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th, Wednesday 9th, Thursday 10th (regular term 4 timetable) SATURDAY 12TH REST DAY

Full concert run through: Friday the 11th of December

Stage rehearsal: TBC

Full technical rehearsal: Sunday 13th of December (TBC) Full run through of show with costumes make up and hair

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